About Me

So... If you've been reading my blog, you know that I said sometime last month that I would post something new about myself everyday. First off, that was a bit ambitious. Second, I was only allowed to write like 1200 characters, which I promptly filled up. Apparently, this is the place to do it... duh.

Something new about me:
1. The last time I used a  spoon I was 17.
2. The most I have ever weighed is 252 lbs.
3. I'm scared of the dark.
4. My wife and I got married in the Bahamas.
5. I wear contacts, and I need them to the degree to where I can't see the moon without them... a full moon.
6. When Jim Henson died, I cried when I was a kid.
7. I haven't cried since (life has been meaningless...j/k).
8. I love feta cheese.
9. My fondest memory as a kid was learning to swim with my dad.
10. My mom got me a Ninja Turtle cake when I was a kid and I scoffed at at before I knew that it was awesome. She cried. I've felt horrible ever since.
11. I have two brothers and both are married with kids (under pressure!).
12. I hate taking showers.
13. I hate brushing my teeth (I do any way... ditto for 12).
14. My favorite show is Breaking Bad.
15. Before I met my wife, the furthest north I had ever been was Colorado.
16. My favorite movie is The Big Lebowski
17. I shave my head for two reasons: not combing my hair and not having to pay for haircuts.
18. I collected comic books when I was a kid.
19. I got back in to graphic novels as an adult.
20. I have gone to the Austin City Limits festival 3 times now. I couldn't go last year because my sister-in-law got married. Way to go sister-in-law ;)
21. I have almost gone through a box (?) of Nestle Quik in 2 weeks! Yeah!
22. The first CD I ever bought was Stone Temple Pilots.
23. When I was growing up, we always had cats. Our first cats were named Mommy Kitty and Baby Kitty.
24. The 2nd pair was named Sailor and Orange cat. My mom called them Sandy and Tigger, specifically.
25. In case you are wondering, here's the story behind Prof. Wienerton (it's not really funny). My friend Mark and I were at Hooter's in college once and were asked to fill out some fantasy sports thing. We didn't really want to do it because who needs more junk mail in their inbox? Mark came up with name Professor Wienerton. I guess it sounds funny... kind of oxymoronish. Maybe just moronish. We thought it was funny. It's been a long standing alias since.