Monday, September 27, 2010

Weather Checker

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you can probably tell I have many different idiosyncrasies. One thing that I am obsessed with is checking the weather. I have four different weather apps on my phone, and I never just check one. I always check all four.

I keep all of the places any relative, friend, or wife and I have visited on my list of cities to check. I have intimate knowledge of the weather in Houston, but I do know what’s going on most other places. For example, my buddy and his wife honeymooned near Hawaiian Acres, HI, and I can tell you that it’s mid-80’s high and mid-60’s low right off the top of my head. My wife and I went to Destin, FL, last summer for a wedding and currently their weather is basically the same as Hawaiian Acres but with a 75 low. I check the weather so much that I just have a Jedi-like sense of the temperature. Right now, I have 20 different cities programmed into my phone that I check regularly.

The issue with this is that a normal person doesn’t do this, right? This is more of a Rainman type of thing. Knowing the weather all over America for no reason is like knowing how many Lumpkins’ there are in the phone book. This isn’t just knowledge of useless information. I respect people that can go into a bar, play trivia, and know that Boner from Growing Pains was the son of Chekov from Star Trek. That is awesome information. That information gets you places in life. Knowing that Las Vegas is still pushing 100 degrees in mid-September is useless. Is this the beginning of dementia? I just hit 30 so maybe it’s downhill from here. Next I’ll probably start collecting gnomes and giving them back stories or designing doggy clothes for Sampson and Earl. Come to think of it, I do have some excellent ideas for wizard costumes for them. I found this delightful star and moon fabric at Big Lots! Their catch phrase: “You… shall… not pass… until you give us some steak fat and belly rubs!”

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  1. LOL....Too funny. I do the same for places I have been. I can't even say I keep check for family. About 5 of the ppl I have on my "weather list" are almost strangers.