Friday, September 10, 2010

Austin -wrote this on my iPhone. Errors probably rampant

I'm in Austin this weekend and being here reaffirms the idea that it's my Mecca. I don't want to live here because the city's magical nature would diminish. It's like if I got to ride a flying unicorn to work everyday, it wouldn't be as cool eventually. It would end up being too much work because I'd have to brush it's hair and shine it's horn. Unicorn maintenance is just a tough endeavor; I'm sure I don't have to tell you.

Austin has this magical atmosphere that's filled with drag rats and weirdos. Everyone should live here for a while and then the world would be a better place. Austin fosters acceptance. My opinions of people who are different from me changed completely after living here for 4 years. I'm a better person for living here. I imagine if I lived in College Station during my college years, I would have passed the time shopping for anti-University of Texas items online (anti-UT stickers, coolers, spatulas, caulking gun, couches, etc.) and adding to my Rush Limbaugh shrine. Note: I'm aware of the irony of saying that I'm super accepting and then dissing A&M. It's stereotyping, not dissing! Seriously, A&M is a fine place and their Arian community produces lots of good people.

Back to Austin, one of the things I love here is the restaurant selection. Im sure you could have guessed I would write that. You're probably surprised I didn't specify and say, buffets. Anyways, there are way more mom and pop type of places here. We went to Kirby Lane yesterday and we're going to Stubb's tonight. If you haven't lived here then you don't know what I'm talking about. That's the way it should be! Unique places? What a novel idea! Also, you can walk around here. In Houston, we're like the fat people in Wall-E. The number of fatties using Rascals at the grocery store to buy more cheesecake disturbs me.

I know Austin isn't perfect. I'm getting old and college kids bother me. But, it's nice to come here and pretend it's perfect.

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  1. You forgot to make mention that a homeless drag queen recieves 7% of the mayoral vote on a regular bases