Sunday, September 12, 2010

Austin, TX - Part II

I never take pictures when I go places. I have an iPhone and 90% of the pictures I’ve taken with it are of my dogs. I have pictures of them posed in oh so many cute ways. Here is one with Earl wearing a babushka. He looks like a Russian peasant woman just in from tilling the soil.

The temperature in Austin was great – 89 degrees and not a touch of humidity. If anyone ever reads this that doesn’t live in Texas, you’d probably think, is this guy crazy? 89 degrees is hot! Well, Houston is 90 degrees with 200% humidity. This is not hyperbole; it’s so humid that needles on a pine tree even get frizzy. Girls, you know what’s up! Here is a shot of Austin from my hotel. It’s just of I-35. It’s where my hotel was facing, but I’m sure you can tell it’s a nice day. Also, Austin’s terrain is pretty hilly. I must have found the one flat angle.

Later that night, we went to Trudy’s. They have these things called Mexican Martini’s there. They are very tasty, but the waiting staff will only serve you two of them. I asked the waitress what was in them, but she wouldn’t tell me. I told her I have allergic reactions to certain types of alcohol, and she told me everyone does. Touché, waitress. Here is a picture of the Trudy’s sign. Pretty fancy. Notice the bicycles, Houston; they bike to places.

The night progressed and, eventually, we made it back to our hotel. While we waited for some of our friends to get back, a delightful artist/bum asked if he could draw a picture of us. We paid him $5 and this is what we got:

It actually looks like all of us. I was pretty impressed though I was a little concerned because the paper he used was covered in these brown smudges. Brown smudges automatically conjure up images of you-know-what, and the fact that this was coming from a bum made me even more suspicious. I have a friend who said he saw a bum using a McDonald’s cup as a restroom once. Would it be so weird that a bum’s paper could have multifaceted purposes? Oh well.

That is the end of my Austin story for this time. My wife and I are going to Austin City Limits in a few weeks so maybe there will be more to come.


  1. Your dog is way cuter than a Russian peasant. I'm just sayin'.

  2. Everyone needs a brown smudged portrait of their friends.