Monday, April 18, 2011

Lone Star Jam!

I have run into a couple of celebrities in my lifetime. Actually for the longest time, they were all athletes of some sort – I live in Houston for God’s sake! It’s not like I’m going to run into George Clooney at El Gallo or Warwick Davis at The Galleria. For example, while I was at the University of Texas, I ran into Major Applewhite at a college party once. People were almost lined up to meet him and shake his hand. When it came to me, he shook my hand and introduced me to his girlfriend. I thought that was weird (In case you don’t know, he was the quarterback for the UT football team at that time. He was kind of a big deal then). I don’t know why I was introduced to his girlfriend. Maybe he was trying to get rid of her and by introducing her to every guy, the odds of her leaving with someone else were greater. Probably not though.

I saw Regis Philbin in an airport when I was coming back from Las Vegas once. He looked SUPER old, like he was wearing a rubber mask – kind of like an older Muammar Gaddafi. I saw Shawn Kemp (ex-Seattle Sonics star) at a restaurant once. He had hoard of children with him. I saw Flo Rida in Vegas the last time I was there. That’s it. I just saw him walk by me.

Ultimately, I have no real interest in ever meeting any celebrities. I kind of don’t get why it’s cool to meet them. In fact, it would pain me to stroke their egos! And, why would they give two shits about meeting other non-celebrities? I know I wouldn’t if I were a celebrity. “Sweet, some chick from Salem, Ohio, thinks I’m awesome.” People who suck up to celebrities are sad, hopeless people.

This all brings me to my main point. I went to the Lone Star Jam, a festival that showcases several small, Texas country bands, in Austin last weekend. One of my favorite bands right now, Turnpike Troubadours, played at 1:30 or so and put on a fantastic show. They only have one album so there was no worry of them playing songs I don’t know. If you haven’t figured this out already, they are not a hugely popular band, but they were just great live.

 This isn't from the concert but it's a pretty sweet song.

Well, after they finished playing and the crowd had dispersed, my wife and I happened to walk by the stage on the way to the port-o-potties. As I’m sure you could predict with all of my simple foreshadowing, we ran into the band. We talked to the bassist and the lead guitarist until I basically excused us. They were nice, normal people who seemed happy that anyone cared about their music. I was giddy as a school girl, and I ended up getting a picture of them and my wife.

Later, we walked by their merchandise stand and we saw the lead singer. I patiently waited my turn (still giddy like a school girl) and got a picture with him. After the initial euphoria wore off, I felt like a complete idiot. My whole life I had decried the idea of jocking a celebrity and there I was jocking a celebrity. I might of well have asked him to sign my breasts.

Oh well, I guess I am just a sad and hopeless person now.

Maybe he’ll remember me and spot me in the crowd the next time I go to one of their concerts.

Yeah, sad and hopeless stalker sounds much better to me.

Just kidding. :)


  1. Jock or not, congrats on meeting your current musical heroes. Musicians are far cooler than athletes or movie stars anyway.

  2. I second that statement. The one up there. ^

    Musicians are infinitely cooler than athletes and celebrities. Except the ones who think they are better than the rest of the world. Music is about equality and sharing.

  3. Haha, whatever. That giddy 'star struck' feeling is pretty fun, even if you do feel lame after it.
    And for anyone that needed explaining who Major Applewhite is, can just leave your blog and stop reading now, lol. Sounds like the Lone Star Jam was a success!

  4. Everyone one gets a little star struck once in a while. I was at that festival Saturday evening. I bet you are the one who spilled beer on me.

  5. Hey,don't be embarrassed. It's not like you tossed your panties on the stage. My bf's in a band. Nothing makes him happier than people besides friends/family telling him how much they enjoyed the show. My opinion doesn't hold nearly as much weight as complete strangers, in fact. Hm. I hate him now. Seriously though, you probably made their day.

  6. my family and I ran into Muhammad Ali and his family at a chicken joint in michigan, while on vacation.

    true story. he gave us Islam tracts.

  7. I saw the midget guy from Twin Peaks and Carnivale at a grocery store in Las Vegas once. I couldn't stop staring at him. But I never went up to talk him. Does that make me strong or weak?

  8. "People who suck up to celebrities are sad, hopeless people."

    I feel like you read my Matt Dallas post and that inspired your blog.

    I am sad and hopeless :(

    At least it's only with very select few people that you/I actually respect and enjoy instead of celebrity for the sake of celebrity no?