Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I coach summer league swimming in May and June – one of the reasons why I have so much trouble posting as often as I would like is because I get home at 8:00 every night. The other problem is my wife has grown increasingly concerned about me taking care of myself and using sunscreen every day. She bought 100+ SPF sunscreen for me the other day. I’m not sure what 100+ SPF sunscreen is made out of but I think it includes lead and possibly cement. It’s the stuff Superman puts on his skin to handle Kryptonite. It’s the stuff Arnold used to prevent the Predator from seeing him. My wife has put this idea in my head that parts are going to start falling off of my head. I think my mom used to tell me this when I was a kid, too, because I’ve always envisioned this is what happened to Skeletor from He-man. Here’s a picture if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

No nose.

Well, I’m definitely not a naturally evil person but maybe after my nose and ears fall off I will follow Skeletor’s descent into villainy. I bet he was always jealous of He-man’s sweet, golden brown skin and hated him every since. So, when my nose falls off, I’ll need to focus my aggression on someone who has what I want. Well, my wife has a better car than me, so you better hope my nose stays on, Wife.

Here are two pictures of my dog as Skeletor:


  1. Every one of your followers better know who Skeletor is without the picture! Have fun coaching this summer. I think a wide brimmed hat, a turtle neck and gloves would protect you pretty good too. Not to mention very fashionable ;)

  2. "You will never escape me, Skelator!"


    Oh. Sorry...I was having a fond childhood memory.

    100 SPF is pretty effective. Just make sure your brand doesn't have vitamin A in it. Vitamin A based sunblocks have been tested and found to actually multiply cancerous skin cells.

  3. Hey you could go for the Marlon Brando Island of Dr Moreau look. I found that very fashionable and function-able.

  4. You know...sunscreens don't get really any more effective after you pass SPF 45 - not in the short term anyway.

  5. I have an SPF 4 sun tan spray I bought a few years ago. What's a little skin cancer when you have a smokin' hot tan?