Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby, I'm Not an Anarchist!

I minored in history in college. I took classes like Intro. to Modern Russia, Intro. to Modern China, and Anarchy and Socialism in Brazil. I’m totally not a communist, socialist, or anarchist, but obviously, that aspect of government and history interests me. I kind of feel like if we got into some neo-McCarthyist era, I would be screwed – well, at least they’d take a passing glance at me. 

Actually, just through a series of coincidences, my wife might get that passing glance as well. When I traded my old iPhone in for a new one, I lost all of my background pictures and ringtones. It wasn't a big deal because I don’t put much thought into things like that; I just use whatever I think is funny at the time. Here are some of the things I thought were funny at the time of the new purchase. I used this picture of Jack Nicholson for my friend Mark:

And I used this picture of John Goodman for my friend Joe:

Pretty hilarious, huh?

Well, I was running on a treadmill at the gym, and on TV, I saw this hilarious website that collects pictures of cats that look like Hitler. I went home, immediately found the site, and I saved this one on my phone. Now, it's my wife’s picture when she calls:

I’m not making a statement or anything; it just makes me laugh. Which wife wouldn’t want their husband to be in a good disposition when she called? I was also listening to the band Against Me! quite a bit back then when I got my phone, so I set up her ringtone as the song “Baby, I’m an Anarchist.” Here it is (go to the 1:00 mark):

I just don’t think. I definitely don’t put two and two together. The other day she called and that song played and that cat flashed. One of my colleagues happened to be looking over my shoulder at that moment. 

“Uh, I swear she’s not a Nazi-anarchist… cat.” 

Maybe I could find a picture of a dog that looks like Reagan and play some Kid Rock in the background. He’s like ultra-American, right? He's like this new Lee Greenwood. I heard his new one on TV the other day and thought it was a truck commercial. 

There we go. That works. Don't take me away.


  1. She is sort of a Nazi about ice cream sandwiches in the bed! Amiright?!?

  2. A cell phone is very very personal and most of our friends would not want to see how we tag them.

    I was on a Star Trek kick for a while and when when my husband calls, I hear Warf stating: "Captain, incoming message".

    I've have learned to ignore the strange looks I get at the grocery story.