Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going to Vegas!

Look at Professor X’s wheelchair. I find it funny that there is an “X” on the wheel of the wheelchair. I can imagine him going to some wheelchair fabricator asking to get his chair pimped. “Yo, I need some gangsta shit if I’m going to be the leader of the X-men. Know what I’m sayin’? How will people know who’s boss if I’m just rollin’ in a normal wheelchair? I’m willing to spend up to $3000 for you to pimp my ride.”

Who would have thought that Professor X was that vain?

On a different note, I’ll be going to Las Vegas with my wife and a couple of other couples tomorrow. I have asked my father to guest post for me while I am gone. I have absolutely no idea what he’s going to write, so I will be checking my blog religiously while I’m gone to see what he writes – maybe a little history about the Great Wall of China or perhaps a tale of my nieces and nephew. Who knows! Good luck, dad!


  1. A guest blogger! I can't wait to read. So many surprises in store. ;) -aa

  2. Dear Johnny Utah's Dad. What we would like to read is embarrassing tales of Johnny's childhood. This would include bed-wetting, awkward moments at the principals office and uncomfortable teenage angst.

    Thank you.

  3. Somehow, I can see a new program on MTV: "Pimp My Wheelchair."

    Have a great trip!

    -Barb the French Bean

  4. Psh, Professor X didn't get the wheelchair pimped out like that. He obviously had Forge do it. GAWSH!


  5. Hope you have fun on your trip!