Friday, January 7, 2011

Las Vegas

Johnny Utah would like to be here writing his blog today, but he would like to be having fun in Las Vegas even more. So, I am writing a blog for him (since he did not invite me to go).

Las Vegas sounds like a lot of fun. I have been to Nevada, but I have never been to Las Vegas, so I am basing my opinion on what I have heard other people say. Everyone I have ever heard talk about their trip to Las Vegas said they came out ahead, or at least broke even. It is amazing those big casino hotels stay in business.

The only person I know who has a story about losing a lot of money in Vegas is my friend Ted. His story is not about him losing money though, it is about his brother losing money. He said that a few years back when he and his brother were both single they went there for a weekend. They discussed strategy ahead of time, and decided they should set a limit on what they were willing to lose. They agreed on $2000 each. Ted said he played different games, winning some and losing some. He said his brother hit a bad streak and lost all of his cash, and then got an extra $500 out of an ATM. He then handed his card to Ted and asked him to hold it for him, and not to give it back, no matter what, until they got home. Ted agreed and put the card in his pocket. They went their separate ways.

Later that night, Ted’s brother found him, and said he lost the extra $500. He needed more money. He wanted his ATM card back. Being a good brother, Ted would not give it to him. The brother insisted. Ted held firm. He walked out of the building with his brother hot on his heels pleading and cursing. Ted walked faster. His brother kept pace. Ted then broke into a run. He ended up being chased several times around his car and mugged by his brother.

My own experience comes from a car trip through Nevada. My wife and I stopped for lunch in a small town, and afterward she wanted to try a slot machine. Next door to the restaurant there was a small casino (you cannot throw a stone in Nevada without hitting one). She selected an interesting looking machine and fed it a twenty dollar bill. The machine had a display that kept track of how much credit the player had. As she played, the amount went down a little, then up a little, then down… (you get the picture). It took less than 10 minutes to lose twenty dollars.

She turned to me and said, “Hand me another $20”.

So Johnny Utah, do not be misled by what everyone says. I have no doubt, money can be lost in Las Vegas.


  1. That was a great story Mr. Utah... I took a course at the Hilton Hotel Restaurant Management College at U of H called Casino and Gambling.... First sentence in the book said...."Expect to lose at the casino. The casino is a business that relies on that extra 51% over your 49% (depending on the game) over you. That small percentage generates billions of dollars each year." I like the odds of saving my hard earned money putting it to better use.

    Now I know where Johnny Utah gets his wonderful story telling from. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    - Vu

  2. "I've discovered the perfect business: people swarm in, empty their pockets, and scuttle off. Nothing can stop me now -- except microscopic germs." - Mr. Burns

    I for one freely admit to having lost a lot of money in Las Vegas.

  3. ...After reading this, I don't think that I will ever go gambling. o_O

    $2,500 lost over NOTHING. Jeez...

    -Barb the French Bean