Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worst. Post. Ever.

Me: “President Obama, you have, uh, a little something on your face.”

President Obama: “Don’t be afraid, my child, you can tell me what and where it is.”

Me: “It’s something on your nose, by your nostril.”

President Obama: “What is it?”

Me: “It’s on your nose.”

President Obama: “Tell me what it is!”

Me: “Something from your nose.”

President Obama: “Tell me what it is NOW! One word!”

Me: “Dried mucus…”

President Obama: “I said, “ONE word!”

Me: “Booger.”

*I know you’ve grown to expect a certain level of sophistication from me. My pant-ass splitting series was fairly witty, and my thoughts on my dogs trying to kill me are clever. So, try not to think of this as gross, but really think about what I mean.

Is there another name for a booger? I’m not trying to be gross here, but is there really another name for it? If there is another word then I haven’t heard it. Really though, we must think of the beauty of that word. Is there another word that encapsulates it better? Booger just sounds right. Is there a term for words that are seemingly nonsense but fit what the word means perfectly? Booger is a funny thing (well, to 10 year olds), and it’s a funny word.

The next example is worse than booger but works. Fart is a perfect word for what it is. The actual word has nothing to do with the action. Like, when one slips out, it doesn’t make an onomatopoeia-esque noise (Faaaaaaaart. “Oh, excuse me!”). The word came from somewhere and whoever made it up is a genius. It is just so appropriate for what it means.

Next, I explore why there is to and too, but not a so and soo – as in, “I’m soo tired.” Doesn’t that make sense?


  1. I prefer "Bat in the Cave", but your right, booger is the number one go to.
    Your exploration into etymology is quite fascinating, haha :)

  2. Thank you for not posting one of your famous drawings.

  3. I actually can't think of any other names :<

  4. I love this - apparently "fart" is one of the oldest words in the English language (according to wikipedia and the word "booger" baffles scholars (

  5. lol. awesome blog man. i've read thru a few of your posts and i like your style.

    followed. get back at me when you get a chance

  6. To TexaGermaNadian-

    I've never heard bat in the cave! What about rocket in the silo?

    To Life's Highway-

    I started to draw one but it was just a yellow circle. There isn't much nuance to a booger.

    To Zoe-

    Seriously, I don't think there are.

    To Christie-

    I think booger was originated by the earl of Booger of the Booger family in Germany. He was known to be a gold digger. Get it?

    To Arcita-

    Thanks! I will definitely check your blog out.

  7. I like how in the first line Mr. President talks like a priest XD


  8. Don't ever try to be 'not gross'; it's no fun! Farts are the greatest invention fact I had one helluva time teaching a 5 year old & her 7 year old brother last week what 'pull my finger' means! The looks on their faces was priceless!!

    I bet Obama was keeping ya talking just so his farts wouldn't be as noticeable...

  9. Dr. Sam Johnson (back in the late 1770s) was at a dinner party with some of London's high society when the woman seated next to him farted. She began scooting her chair around, trying to make a similar sound so anyone who had heard her might think the original sound had come from her chair. Dr. Johnson looked at her and said "madam we all understood you, you needn't try to find a rhyme.

  10. I have heard of bat in the cave and had no idea what they were talking about. Embarrassing...
    Also, I use the word fart, but I also enjoy using the word toot. It's a pretty sweet word. Toot.