Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feelin' Stupid Part II

Do you ever experience small, kind of dumb things that if someone else noticed what you did you’d feel really silly? Here are two examples from my daily life:
1. When I’m driving in my car in the morning to work, I usually listen to loud music. I go to work before 6:00 am most days, so I need that extra boost to wake me up. It’s usually something hard, dancy, or really stupid (i.e. Pantera, Daft Punk, or Backstreet Boys, respectively). I’m getting old so I, of course, get to the point where I have to turn it down. Without fault, I turn the air conditioner knob down. The sensations slowly filter through my skull and I notice how my ears are still hurting and I’m getting hot. Even by myself, I just let it be as if I did it on purpose.

2. My key ring is quite full. Along with all of my house keys and car clicker key, I have keys to several rooms and offices at my school. I almost always have my keys in my hand because I’m always moving around from room to room at work. I would say at least half the time I click my car clicker for room entrance. It doesn’t work I guess.

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  1. It would be cool to have a house or an office door clicker. Although then you key ring would be even more enormous. My husband is always complaining about the amount of keys on my key carabiner. Oh wait the solution would be an universal clicker.

    Quick, where is an engineer.

  2. Do you also turn up/down the music when you're trying to turn up/down the air?

    I don't exactly have that problem, but I frequently find myself listening (and even singing along) to kids music long after I've dropped Finn off.

    I do SO many little dumb things like the ones you mentioned!

  3. To Laura-

    You're a genius. No more of this difficult searching for keys (not to mention physically unlocking) - we could have automatic entrance like a Jedi!

  4. To Cara-

    I do that same thing - or at least a similar thing. Sometimes Andrea will be watching something excruciating on TV and she'll leave the room. I think to myself, how have I not turned the channel yet?