Friday, October 8, 2010

Things My Wife Won't Let Me Do Part II

In our shower, we have two different bottles of shampoo. There is her shampoo, which is super fancy and apparently more expensive and my shampoo, which is common, inexpensive, and labeled "Shampoo." I ran out of my shampoo and started using her shampoo. I guess this is a no-no. She noticed that her bottle was lighter after a while and gave me a stern lecture about using her shampoo.  She told me since I have a shaved head that I was wasting her fancy shampoo. This seems unfair to me. I need soft, 1 cm length hair! In protest, I plan on using the Irish Spring bar soap for my hair. When she rubs her fingers over my shaved head and feels my dry scalp, she’ll get it. This plan’s too perfect to fail. 

Sorry no drawing. I'm in Austin for the Austin City Limits music festival. I'll try to post about it while I'm here.


  1. No hair = No shampoo. I think it's a solid argument. -your wife

  2. Yeah! Drying your scalp out will show her!

    Go to the Dollar Store and get a gallon jug of your shampoo so you don't run out for a year.