Thursday, February 24, 2011

100th Post!!!

This is my 100th post! It’s an accomplishment, I suppose. Not to sound arrogant or anything but I didn’t have any doubt I would stick with this blog thing, so meh. This does give me an opportunity to reflect on blogging in general. I wrote about what I had learned about blogging before, but this time I’m going to write about what I know now or still have questions about.

-           Does the way my blog looks matter? Like, if my content is of high quality (big IF there!), would people read it anyway? Does having a nice header make a difference? Do pretty, professional pictures make a difference? If any of these things are true then I’m in trouble because my blog looks like a fifth grader made it. Seriously, I bet I could get a fifth grader, show him how to log on to Blogger, and he could do a better job. I have no idea how to use HTML (I started reading about it but quickly got sucked into an episode of Gangland that was on in the background). Also, it was too hard.

My blog is like the chick in college who never wears make-up to class, wears pajamas everywhere, and has hair like a rat’s nest, but if you catch her at the right angle, there’s something there. Oh, there’s something there. She’s down to party, too.

-          Getting people to read requires a lot of sucking up. I always thought that if my blog was good enough one person would read and tell a friend and they’d tell a friend and so on. It does not work like that. The only way to get people to read is to read their blog. I feel like a few people kind of have a well-what’s-in-it-for-me attitude, and that’s cool. Have I already become disillusioned? I’m not talking about you! Of course not!

-          I’m getting to where I don’t remember what I’ve already written. I think, did I write a post about the hair smudge yet? Oh yeah, last week, duh. I have blogging Alzheimer’s.

-          I need to take my followers counter down. I’ve come to the conclusion that keeping that tally up only serves one purpose: people will follow if they think your blog is big enough in hopes that people will follow them in return. It’s okay. I did that, too. Also, some people have like 300 followers and 5 posts. What does having followers mean? Are they little trophies? The question is: will people read my blog if they don’t think I have any followers? Methinks not, so maybe I’ll leave it up for now.

I will admit that it’s useful for adding blogs to your Google reader, so you can check them out later.

-          With all of that being said about followers and the ways of blogging, I thoroughly enjoy reading some of the other blogs out there. Some of you do a great job, and I try to read and comment on everything you post. I really try to keep my blogroll pretty close to what I read and like the most.

-          My wife wants me to blog about my dogs more. She has never laughed at one of my posts but giggles with pure, utter ecstasy when I write about our dogs. When I put a picture of them on my blog, it makes her week. 

This is all for now. I’ll try to have something funny for you on Sunday. No promises though. I mean I will have something on Sunday. No promises on the funny part.


I'm participating in TexaGermaNadian's blog hop. Check it out! Her site is super cute.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! Way to stick with it.

    And our dogs are the cutest snuggle bugs EVER! How could I not giggle?!

    -Mrs. JU

  2. First, I change my blog design every few weeks. I have no idea if it actually makes a difference.

    And I've never followed a popular blog hoping to get more followers. When I started blogging I had no idea how to even get followers. Apparently people find you through your comments on blogs they read. Or through people mentioning you on their blogs. I just follow the blogs I actually like to read.

  3. Good Chanel. I need to add you to my blogroll. I actually just finished reading your blog and read it all the time.

  4. I'm relatively new around here and I get a little freaked out when I look around and see all the bazillions of possible ways to take up my time. Having a blog roll and followers listed is at least one way to minimize the randomness of finding and reading blogs. I've been directed here (and to Chanel) from other blogs I like and I stick with you because there's a certain style of writing that I connect with. To me it's all about what the blog says, not what it looks like.
    It Just Got Interesting

  5. I'm with you, Brian. Just like Chanel, I enjoy your blog and read and comment regularly.

    I swear though some bloggers are tge way I wrote about. Quite a few.

  6. "My blog is like the chick in college who never wears make-up to class, wears pajamas everywhere, and has hair like a rat’s nest, but if you catch her at the right angle, there’s something there. Oh, there’s something there. She’s down to party, too."

    Are you following me!? Stop that, it's creepy! You know how I am about stalkers. Well maybe.

    I totally get it about the sucking up thing. It can be frustrating too. I'll feel duped if someone comes to my blog and leaves a comment, then I start following them and commenting and all that fun stuff and they completely forget who I am. Not cool.

    Also, have you noticed how weird the following thing fluctuates? When I was on a semi-hiatus I gained three followers, but when I post regularly no one adds.

    But meh - I like your blogs.


  7. Congrats on your 100th post! That's a pretty great accomplishment! This post made me smile because I can tell you really "get" blogging now, and I think that's awesome! (And also, I like to see photos of your dogs, too!) Can't wait to see what you've got in store for your next 100 posts!

  8. I've just started reading your blog, but I've enjoyed what I've read. I figure "followers" is a relative term. I have quite a few in my blog roll. There are some that jump out at me, so to speak, and I know I want to read what they say ever time. Others, well, I try to keep up if I can, but whatever. I don't always have the time. This is mainly for my benefit and enjoyment, but if I can find new things to read and enjoy, bonus. If peeps wanna come along for the ride, bonus. Keep writing. I'll read.

  9. Followers are like flashy, plastic trophies you display in your cabinet - essentially worthless but nice anyway. Seeing as there are blogs with hundreds of followers when the posts are just meh, I'm concluding that having enough followers to form a small country just mean you are either a entertaining writer bribed everyone you know to follow you.

    Congrats on your 100th post.

  10. You made it to your 100th post and have finally realized this is a world of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. It's true... I am a very disillusioned blogger. I don't know what followers really do for you. I have a handful of regulars who come by for a chat.

    I think people "follow" in the spirit of: I really like you today.

    They may not like you or remember you tomorrow.

    Now... who were you again.

  11. Congratulations! I never even thought to see how many posts I've written, turns out I'm at 131...who would have thought?

  12. To TKchan-

    Isn't it weird how blogging messes with your sefl-esteem? It's like, do you really like me or not? I can't have this wishy-washy-ness going on. PLEASE LIKE ME!

    To Capricious Retch-

    I like your attitude. I need to be more like you.

    To Jessica-

    I didn't think of that; maybe I could really bribe people to read. Or blackmail. I could blackmail people in to reading.

    To Life's Highway-

    You're a wise sage. It's nice to know that other people are disillusioned, too.

    To Ms Jenna-

    So, you have 131? Are you trying to one up me? I won't stand for that! 32 posts coming your way, baby!

  13. To Cara-

    Thanks for the kind words. I'll try to get more hilarious dog pictures up. I need to finish the clown costume I'm sewing for Sampson!

  14. Since I changed my design, I have seven or eight new followers and quite a few more page views. I think it helps.

    Having said that, I think your blog is awesome! Like Brent, I am drawn to certain styles of writing and I will read these blogs no matter how grungy or pajamaish they look. Your drawings rock too.
    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  15. Good Job Matt! Good stuff as always....

  16. I have like 15 followers total, and i happen 2 have 308 posts to be exact. maybe im some time of loser shut in...My design sucks, and I happen to be a sixth grader.

    and dont worry, men in underwear are inappropriate! you're definately getting some followers XD